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Walgreens check cashing

Ever found yourself stuck with a check to cash but no bank account? We’ve all been there. You might have heard that Walgreens offers check cashing services and thought, “Perfect, I can just pop into my neighborhood store!” But does Walgreens actually let you cash checks there?

The short answer is no, but don’t panic there are still plenty of options. Let’s dive into the reality of cashing checks at Walgreens, why they stopped this service, and where you can go instead. By the end, you’ll be an expert on turning that check into cold, hard cash with minimal fees and headaches.

Does Walgreens Cash Checks?

Nope, Walgreens definitely does not cash any kind of check at their retail locations currently. This used to be a service they provided years ago, but they discontinued it across all stores.

Why did they stop offering check cashing?

There are a few potential reasons:

  • High costs: Cashing checks requires thorough verification, trained staff, proper security, insurance, and cash on hand to cover large checks. All of this gets expensive for a large retail chain to implement consistently.
  • Fraud concerns: Unfortunately, fake checks, forgeries, and other scams are alarmingly common. Each invalid check accepted by Walgreens would be a total loss after funds were disbursed. Mitigating fraud requires serious effort.
  • Operational issues: Managing cash levels, long customer lines, proper regulatory compliance, and other logistical headaches may have proven too cumbersome for Walgreens’ core pharmacy and retail business model.

So while the convenience factor was nice, check cashing created too many challenges and potential risks for Walgreens to continue offering it alongside prescriptions and retail sales.

I vividly remember the frustration of trying to cash a paycheck at my local Walgreens years ago, only to be turned away at the register. The cashier politely told me they had stopped cashing checks but couldn’t provide much explanation beyond a system update and policy change. I ended up having to trek to the bank branch to cash it instead, wasting more time out of my day.

Can You Cash a Check at Walgreens?

To sum it up clearly no, you cannot currently cash any checks at Walgreens pharmacies, registers, or customer service desks. Repeat: Walgreens does not cash checks of any kind as of now.

However, they do allow you to get a maximum of $20 cash back when making a purchase with a debit card. So in a pinch, you could buy something small and get up to $20 cash out of the register this way.

Why does Walgreens only let you take $20 max cash out at the register?

Even this minor cash-back option has limits because:

  • Security concerns – Having hundreds or thousands of dollars in cash increases theft risks for employees and customers. A $20 limit helps mitigate this.
  • Liability issues – Walgreens wants to avoid scenarios where they could potentially be accused of financing anything nefarious with large cash disbursements.
  • Cash register limits – Most retail tills are stocked with a limited number of larger cash bills, so $20 is a reasonable compromise.

So while getting a quick $20 cash back at Walgreens can bail you out of a small cash emergency, it’s hardly a solution for cashing an entire paycheck or larger check amount. The cash-back option is best used for small incidentals, not paycheck cashing.

Will Walgreens Offer Check Cashing Services in the Future?

Will Walgreens Offer Check Cashing Services in the Future?
Will Walgreens Offer Check Cashing Services in the Future?

Based on the fact that Walgreens has already shut down check cashing services across all their corporate and franchise locations, it seems extremely unlikely they will reinstate this offering anytime soon, if ever.

Large retailers like Walgreens are hyper-focused these days on optimizing their core services like pharmacy operations, retail merchandising, e-commerce capabilities, and buy online/pickup in-store functions. Resuming check cashing could be viewed as an unnecessary distraction from these priorities.

There’s also been an overarching trend of major third-party retailers and grocers eliminating check cashing due to the hassles and risks involved. So Walgreens would be moving against the industry current to some degree.

Unless the company sees an opportunity to charged exorbitant fees and clearly profit from offering check cashing again, they’ll likely continue prioritizing other more lucrative services for their business model. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Is Check Cashing at Walgreens Possible?

To review:

No, it is not possible to cash any kind of check (payroll, personal, government, insurance, tax refund, etc.) at Walgreens currently across all their store locations.

While they did offer check cashing services previously, Walgreens has definitively discontinued this for nationwide for undisclosed reasons. And it appears unlikely they will resume offering check cashing options again anytime soon.

The only way to get cash from Walgreens currently is by using their cash-back option of up to $20 when making a debit card purchase. This is extremely limited compared to actual check cashing capabilities.

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Where Can I Cash a Check Without a Bank Account?

Where Can I Cash a Check Without a Bank Account?
Where Can I Cash a Check Without a Bank Account?

So if Walgreens is out of the picture for cashing checks, where else can you go? Believe it or not, you have several convenient check cashing options even without a traditional bank account. Let’s explore some of the most common places:

Banks and Credit Unions

You don’t necessarily need to have an account to cash a check at a bank or credit union. Many allow non-customers to cash checks they accept by charging a fee.

Here are some major banks that cash checks for non-customers:

Bank of America

  • $8 fee for cashing checks under $50
  • 1-2% fee for checks over $50, maxed at $25

Chase Bank

  • $8 fee for non-customer personal check cashing under $5,000
  • 2% of check amount over $5,000, up to $25 max fee

Wells Fargo

  • Charges non-customers 7% of the check amount as a fee

US Bank

  • Offers non-customer check cashing
  • Fees vary by check amount and your individual banker

Navy Federal Credit Union

  • Cashes checks for non-members with fees of $5 per check under $1,000
  • Higher fees for larger checks

Many local and regional banks also offer check cashing services with varying fees, required identification, and other specifications. While banks charge fees for the convenience to non-customers, they are still often cheaper than third-party check cashing stores.

Retail and Grocery Stores

These days, plenty of major retail and grocery chains now offer check cashing services right at their stores or dedicated customer service desks. This can be an extremely convenient option compared to having to go to a separate location like a bank.

Let’s look at some of the most popular retailers where you can cash checks:


  • Available at Walmart MoneyCenter and customer service desks
  • Cashes payroll, government, tax, insurance settlement, retirement disbursement checks and more
  • Fees are $4 for checks up to $1,000, $8 for checks over $1,000
  • Option to load check funds onto a Walmart MoneyCard instead of cashing out
  • You’ll need valid ID like a driver’s license

Kroger Brand Stores:

Chains like Kroger, Fred Meyer, King Soopers, and others in this brand umbrella offer in-store check cashing services.

  • Policies vary but most cash all kinds of payroll, business, tax, and insurance checks up to $5,000
  • Fees range from $3-$6 per check typically
  • You’ll need valid ID like a driver’s license, state ID, military ID, etc.
  • Cash is issued right at the customer service counters


  • Publix supermarkets’ customer service desks will cash personal, payroll, government, insurance settlement, tax refund checks and more
  • Maximum $5,000 per check
  • Fees start at $3.50 for checks under $50, scaling up based on the amount
  • Valid photo ID required like a driver’s license or state ID

HEB (Texas Grocery Stores):

  • HEB cashes all kinds of payroll, government, tax, retirement and insurance checks
  • Fees range from $3 for checks under $200 up to $8 for amounts over $1,000
  • Policies require valid photo ID
  • Services available at customer service booths or Money Services desks

Check Cashing Services

For the ultimate convenience in cashing checks without a bank account, you can always turn to dedicated check cashing businesses and money services stores. These are companies that specialize specifically in check cashing and other cash services.

Some of the most popular national check cashing chains include:

ACE Cash Express:

  • Across 1,000+ locations nationwide
  • Cashes payroll, personal, government, tax, and insurance checks
  • Fees start at 1.99% of check amount
  • Requires valid ID and fingerprinting in some states
  • Offers additional services like money transfers, bill pay, loans, etc.

Money Mart:

  • Over 160 locations focused in Western/Midwest states
  • Cashes payroll, personal, government, tax refund, insurance settlement checks
  • $3 fee for payroll/gov’t checks under $300, higher fees up to 3.9% for larger checks
  • ID required, fingerprinting for some types of checks
  • Also offers money transfers, money orders, loans, prepaid cards

PLS Check Cashing:

  • Chain with over 300 locations across 21 states
  • Cashes all kinds of payroll, personal, business, insurance, tax, and government checks
  • Fees range from $1 for payroll checks under $100 up to 2-3% of the amount for larger checks
  • Load cash onto prepaid cards or receive cash
  • Requires thumbprint and ID verification process

In addition to fees and ID requirements, many of these check cashing stores also have daily/weekly limits on how much you can cash in checks during certain periods.

While their fees are often higher than banks, the benefit is an extremely fast and convenient way to get cash from your checks without delays or hassles of going through a traditional bank.

You can simply walk in during business hours, complete the quick verification, and walk out with cash in hand. The tradeoff is those higher fees eating into your check amount a bit.

Is Check Cashing at Walgreens Possible? (Summary)

Is Check Cashing at Walgreens Possible? (Summary)
Check Cashing at Walgreens Possible

Let’s quickly summarize the key points about whether you can actually cash checks at Walgreens:

  • No, Walgreens does NOT cash any checks whatsoever at any of their nationwide locations currently
  • They discontinued offering check cashing services across all stores years ago
  • The only way to get cash from Walgreens is through the cash back option when making a debit card purchase, maxing out at $20
  • It appears highly unlikely that Walgreens will resume offering full check cashing capabilities again anytime soon, if ever

So unfortunately, Walgreens is simply not an option for cashing paychecks, personal checks, government checks, tax refunds, or any other payments you receive via check.

However, as covered, you still have plenty of other alternatives to get your checks cashed conveniently without a traditional bank account. This includes going to banks/credit unions, major retailers like Walmart and grocery stores, or dedicated check cashing stores.

Each option has its own process, fees, ID requirements, and limitations to be aware of. But the bottom line is that you should have no issues turning approved checks into spendable cash through one of these legitimate outlets.

The key is being aware of the different fees involved with each check cashing method. Dedicating a few minutes to compare options based on your check amount could easily save you $5-10 or more. Those savings add up quickly, especially if you’re a frequent check casher.

Don’t subject yourself to the hassles of not being able to easily access your money. Take advantage of the check cashing services outlined here to put your funds in your hands quickly and conveniently. A little preparation makes a world of difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Walgreens cash a check?

No, Walgreens does not currently cash any types of checks at their retail pharmacy locations. This service was discontinued years ago.

Does Walmart cash checks over $1,000?

Yes, Walmart will cash checks up to $5,000 at their Money Services desk, including payroll checks over $1,000. An $8 fee applies for checks over $1,000.

How much does it cost to cash a check at Walmart?

Walmart charges $4 to cash checks up to $1,000. For checks over $1,000, the fee is $8.

How much does PLS charge to cash a $600 check?

Based on PLS Check Cashing’s fees of 2-3% for personal checks, cashing a $600 personal check would likely cost between $12-$18 in fees.

Where is the easiest place to cash a check?

Large grocery chains like Walmart, Kroger, Publix and HEB are among the easiest places to cash checks while shopping. Dedicated check cashing stores like ACE Cash Express are also very easy.

Can I cash a check at an ATM without an account?

Generally no, you cannot cash a check at an ATM unless you have an existing bank account with that institution that the ATM is tied to.

What is approved OTC at Walgreens?

Approved over-the-counter (OTC) products available at Walgreens include medications, supplements, home health supplies, and other self-care items that don’t require prescriptions.

Does Walmart cash a third party check?

No, Walmart’s check cashing policy only allows personal checks made out to you, payroll checks, government checks, and other accepted check types. Third-party checks cannot be cashed at Walmart.

How can I cash a check without going to the bank?

Options to cash a check without a bank include check cashing stores like ACE Cash Express, grocery chains like Kroger and Publix, large retailers like Walmart, and even some credit unions.

What is the best way to cash checks without a bank account?

The “best” method depends on factors like check amount, convenience, and fees. Stores like Walmart offer reasonable fees, while dedicated check cashers provide ultimate convenience at higher rates.

Can I cash a check online without a bank account?

You can cash a check online without a bank account using mobile apps like PayPal or Ingo Money, which offer check cashing services for a fee.

Can I cash a check without an ID?

you need an ID to cash a check, but some places may accept alternative forms of identification or allow you to endorse the check to someone else.

Can I cash a check at an ATM?

When using an ATM, you can deposit a check into your account if you are a customer of that bank. You can not directly cash the check for physical cash at the ATM.

Why won’t Walmart cash my check?

Walmart may decline to cash a check due to reasons like insufficient funds, expired identification, or if the check does not meet their cashing criteria, such as two-party personal checks over $200.

Can you cash a check on the Cash App?

You can cash a check on the Cash App by countersign it and using the mobile check deposit feature, but there may be fees and limits involved.

Can you cash a check you found?

It is illegal to cash a check you found because it likely belongs to someone else, and doing so constitutes fraud and theft.

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