6 Best All-Inclusive Permanent Jewelry Kits In 2024


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6 Best All-Inclusive Permanent Jewelry Kits In 2024

You’ve probably noticed the sleek chains gracing the wrists and ankles of trendsetters lately. Permanent jewelry is the hottest new accessory that celebs can’t get enough of.

And it’s not just a fad – this modern take on body jewelry has been around for decades, but it’s only recently hit mainstream popularity. With top influencers and reality TV stars sporting their dazzling new arm candies, the demand for permanent jewelers has skyrocketed.

If you’ve been dreaming of launching your own creative business, the permanent jewelry industry could be your golden ticket. The best part? You don’t need a huge investment or fancy degree to get started. All you really need is the right starter kit.

What Exactly Is Permanent Jewelry?

Think of it as jewelry welding. Using special machines, permanent jewelers fuse delicate metal chains directly onto your body with teeny-tiny permanent welds. The result is chic, custom bracelets, necklaces, anklets and more that blend seamlessly with your skin.

Unlike traditional body jewelry that requires piercings, permanent pieces don’t penetrate your skin at all. They’re painless, leave zero scarring, and can be removed or adjusted anytime by a pro. Plus, it’s totally waterproof, so you never have to take it off for the pool or shower.

Why Start a Permanent Jewelry Business? The Industry Is White-Hot

Why Start a Permanent Jewelry Business? The Industry Is White-Hot
Start a Permanent Jewelry Business

The permanent jewelry craze is on fire, with an ever-growing stream of customers clamoring to get “permanently blinged.” A blend of fashion, bodyart, and luxe accessories, it ticks all the boxes for today’s biggest consumer trends.

Celebs from Hailey Bieber to Rihanna have been snapped sporting the eye-catching chains and cuffs. TV shows like Netflix’s Bling Empire are shining a spotlight on the glamorous look. Even A-listers like Dua Lipa are adding their spin by layering permanent pieces with traditional jewelry.

Permanent jewelry businesses are popping up everywhere to meet the soaring demand. The best part for aspiring entrepreneurs? There are virtually no special certifications or prerequisites needed to start welding custom designs onto clients. Score!

With the right starter kit and some basic training, anyone can launch a lucrative permanent jewelry company from their living room. Talk about a low-barrier business with major moneymaking potential!

What You Need to Kickstart Your Permanent Jewelry Biz

Before you start outfitting the local it-crowd with blinged out arm parties, you’ll need two main components: a permanent jewelry machine (aka welder) and jewelry supplies.

Permanent Jewelry Welders: The Engine Behind the Bling

Permanent Jewelry Welders: The Engine Behind the Bling
Permanent Jewelry Welders

At its core, permanent jewelry is all about welding – using specialized machines that fuse metal chains and embellishments directly onto skin. The machine you choose will be the workhorse behind your whole operation, so it’s important to invest in a quality permanent jewelry welder right from the start.

There are a few different welder varieties designed specifically for this application:

Pulse Arc Welders use a momentary electrical pulse to melt and fuse the jewelry in place. These basic welders are best for beginners, as they’re simple to operate and budget-friendly.

Orion and MPulse Welders take things up a notch with intuitive touchscreen controls and smart power regulation. The precision strikes create seamless, barely-there welds for a flawless finish.

Splurge for a Helix Welder and you’re getting pro-grade equipment with all the bells and whistles. Features like a stabilizing stand, argon feeds, and grounding clips ensure perfect, consistent results every time.

Building a full permanent jewelry setup from scratch can get pricey though. Most newbies wisely choose to start with a pre-bundled starter kit instead.

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Why Invest in a Permanent Jewelry Starter Kit? Here’s the 411

Running out to buy a welder, chains, pliers, and every other supply individually would not only cost a small fortune – it would also be a total rookie mistake. Permanent jewelry starter kits bundle all the must-have tools and materials into one convenient package deal.

Having an all-inclusive kit is really the easiest way for permanent jewelry newbies to hit the ground running. You get everything required to start welding beautiful custom pieces right out of the box. No hunting around for random components or wasting money on the wrong gear.

Premium kits from top brands even include comprehensive training programs to teach you all the insider tricks. From equipment operation and safety basics to marketing tips for launching your biz, they’ll coach you through every step like a seasoned pro.

Pick the wrong kit though, and you could wind up with cut-rate products that hold you back rather than help you shine. I’ve scoured the market and tested all the top options to narrow it down to only the highest quality permanent jewelry starter kits worth your investment.

How to Choose the Perfect Starter Kit for Your New Biz

How to Choose the Perfect Starter Kit for Your New Biz
Choose the Perfect Starter Kit for Your New Biz

Every successful entrepreneur knows the key to profits is keeping costs low without sacrificing quality. The same principle applies when selecting your permanent jewelry starter supplies.

Rookie business owners on a tight budget may feel tempted to simply grab the absolute cheapest option on Amazon and call it a day. But those $30 kits with flimsy disposable welders usually end up being a waste of money. Trust me, you’ll be ready to toss that junk after your first event. Do yourself a favor and invest in the good stuff from the get-go.

On the flip side, you don’t necessarily need to fork over thousands for the fanciest gear either – especially if you’re just testing things out at first. Most established permanent jewelry brands offer affordable starter packs loaded with pro-quality essentials.

Another key factor to consider? Portability. If you plan to take your services on the road for pop-up shops and events, look for compact, lightweight welders that are easy to transport. Dragging around hefty machinery will just slow you down.

Don’t forget about training resources either. Having access to expert courses that walk you through using your kit and actually running the business will save you a world of headaches down the road.

With those priorities in mind, here are my top picks for the very best permanent jewelry starter kits to launch your new dream job in style.


The 6 Best Permanent Jewelry Kits for Beginners in 2024

After tons of research and first-hand tests, these are the starter kits I recommend for aspiring permanent jewelry artists based on quality, value, and expert bakings.

  • The Deluxe Starter Kit
  • The Helix Starter Kit
  • The Orion PJ Startup Kit
  • The Orion mPulse Training Kit
  • The Zapp Permanent Jewelry Kit
  • Amazon Kit

The Deluxe Starter Kit (Permanent Jewelry business)

Budget Bang for Your Buck

The Deluxe Starter Kit (Permanent Jewelry business)
Deluxe Starter Kit


  • Includes the brand’s classic Deluxe Pulse Arc Welder machine
  • Loaded with tools (pliers, Dremel, tungsten needles) & 14K/sterling silver/rose gold chains
  • Every starter material you need to start welding (jump rings, eyewear, etc)
  • Most affordable kit from a trusted brand


  • Older, non-touchscreen welder is bulkier and harder to transport (11″ x 6″ x 8.5″, 12 lbs)
  • Limited one-year warranty on the welder

If you’re looking to launch a permanent jewelry side hustle on a budget, the Deluxe Starter Kit from LINKED is great value starter option. For an affordable price, you get their flagship Deluxe Pulse Arc Welder machine bundled with every supply needed to start profitable from day one.

While the included welder is the brand’s basic, non-touchscreen model, it’s a solid machine that you can easily master for creating clean, seamless welds as your skills progress. Just keep in mind that at almost 12 lbs, the Deluxe is one of the larger and heavier welders, so it’s not the most portable option for mobile events.

Where this kit really shines though is the sheer value of startup supplies bundled with the welder. You get pliers, a Dremel grinder, tungsten needles, chains in multiple precious metals, jump rings galore, and even protective eyewear for you and your clients. Nothing is skimped on in terms of quality either – the chains and tools match what you’d find in pricier kits.

LINKED’s affordable Deluxe Starter Kit is pretty unbeatable if you’re an ambitious newbie looking to get your permanent jewelry business off the ground on a tight budget. Sure, you’ll probably want to upgrade to a fancier welder down the road, but this quality bundle is more than enough for beginners to start making money right away.

The Helix Starter Kit (Permanent Jewelry Kit)

The Total Pro Package

The Helix Starter Kit (Permanent Jewelry Kit)
Helix Starter Kit


  • Coveted pro-grade Helix Welder with stabilizing stand & power supply
  • 60 feet of premium gold/silver/rose gold chains to get welding
  • Full set of hand tools like pliers, cutters, grounding clips
  • Includes comprehensive virtual training course
  • Stylish carrying case to easily transport your whole kit


  • Fairly hefty investment for total beginners
  • Some may want to start with a simpler welder before this high-tech model

Want to bypass the amateur hour and dive straight into the big leagues? LINKED’s Helix Starter Kit is the crème de la crème for aspiring permanent jewelry pros. It’s an all-inclusive package deal that arms you with their top-of-the-line Helix Welder and every other tool you’ll need to start cranking out flawless, festival-ready arm candies right out of the box.

The real showstopper is the Helix Welder itself – a commercial-grade machine favored by seasoned permanent jewelry artists everywhere. This bad boy welds with mind-blowing precision, utilizing features like a powder-coated stylus stand, dual voltage supply, and precision grounding clips to ensure perfect results every single time.

But you’re getting way more than just the superstar welder in this loaded starter bundle. It also comes packaged with a whopping 60 feet of assorted gold, silver, and rose gold chains in various styles, thicknesses and textures to sample. Perfect for experimenting to discover which designs and materials your clients favor most.

The Helix kit rounds things out with an entire set of professional hand tools to use during the welding process – pliers, nippers, files and more. They’ve even included a stylish carrying case to neatly store and transport your whole swanky new setup.

As you’d expect from a premium offering, the Helix bundle isn’t exactly cheap. But you are getting every single thing you’ll need to launch out of the gate creating permanent pieces on par with the world’s top studios and jewelers. Hands-on virtual training is included as part of the package too, providing you with a direct line to LINKED’s experts as you’re learning.

For the entrepreneurial permanent jeweler who wants to invest in the absolute best from day one, the Helix really can’t be topped. If the splurge makes you wince though, I’d suggest starting with a more affordable basic kit first to get your feet wet before committing to this pro-grade setup.

The Orion PJ Startup Kit (Permanent Jewelry Kit)

The Compact Convenience King

The Orion PJ Startup Kit (Permanent Jewelry Kit)
Orion PJ Startup Kit


  • Ultra-portable Orion PJ Welder weighs under 3 lbs
  • Full permanent jewelry toolkit of chains, pliers, cutters, etc.
  • Budget-friendly yet well-stocked startup package
  • Virtual training course teaches operations & marketing


  • 60 feet of chain may be too little variety for some
  • Some features could be overkill for true beginners

If mobility and ease of use are top priorities for your new permanent jewelry endeavor, you’ll love the Orion PJ Startup Kit’s grab-and-go compact design. It centers around LINKED’s innovative, lightweight Orion PJ Welder which tips the scales at just under 3 lbs – a fraction of other machines’ heft.

But just because the Orion welder is featherlight doesn’t mean it skimps on performance. This precision piece of equipment boasts intuitive touchscreen controls, smart energy regulation, and dual voltage capabilities to deliver clean, seamless welds every time. Despite its trim size, it’s specially engineered from the ground up as a purpose-built permanent jewelry artist’s tool.

The included full startup toolkit transforms this portable power pack into a true all-in-one business kit too. It comes loaded with 60 feet of assorted chains in popular precious metals to start creating custom designs immediately. You’ll also receive needle-nose pliers, heavy-duty cutters, a magnifier, leather welding patch and backup electrodes – essentially every material you’ll need to get your operation off the ground.

While not the absolute cheapest starter option out there, the Orion’s combination of portability, performance and bundled variety make it exceptional value for starting permanent jewelers. LINKED even throws in their virtual training course to teach machine operations along with sales and marketing strategies to grow your biz.

The Orion is definitely an overachiever’s permanent jewelry kit, packing a lot of technical bells and whistles. Beginners looking for a pure no-frills simple setup may find the sleek PJ Welder a bit overengineered and complicated at first. But for those wanting high-end results in a travel-friendly package, this kit deserves your full consideration.

The Orion MPulse Welder Package (Permanent Jewelry Kit)

The Crowd-Pleasing Bestseller

The Orion MPulse Welder Package (Permanent Jewelry Kit)
Orion MPulse Welder


  • Wildly popular Orion mPulse Welder with touchscreen controls
  • Compact yet beefy construction ideal for newbies
  • Ample toolkit of chains, rings, tools, safety gear etc.
  • Includes full virtual training course and warranty


  • You’ll likely need to upgrade welder eventually as skills progress
  • Slightly pricier than basic budget kits without warranty/training

If you read any “best permanent jewelry kits” lists from reputable sources, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see LINKED’s Orion mPulse bundle featured. This particular starter package has developed a cult following among aspiring welders for pamering total beginners with just about every supply they could possibly need.

The bundle’s namesake product, the Orion mPulse Welder itself, is a big reason behind its widespread popularity. While not quite as beastly as the pro-grade Helix, this compact touchscreen welder is nevertheless a solid go-to choice for newbies thanks to its straightforward operation and quality welding capabilities.

What really seals the deal though is the rest of the toolkit’s contents. LINKED left no essential item behind, hooking you up with a 60-foot chain assortment, pliers, jump rings, backup electrodes, and even protective eyewear for both you and your clients. They’ve quite literally thought of everything you’ll require to hit the ground running with your new jewelry business.

As an added bonus, you’re also getting their famous virtual training course thrown in. This supplemental resource walks you through operating the mPulse Welder along with techniques for advertising your services and successfully managing your growing company.

With a comprehensive bundle like this, it’s easy to see why the Orion MPulse package has become a top seller for ambitious newcomers. While you’ll likely want to upgrade to a burlier welder down the road as your skills progress, this ready-to-weld kit delivers big value by covering all your bases from day one. No scrambling around trying to gather miscellaneous must-haves – it’s all conveniently included in one quality package.

The Zapp (Permanent Jewelry Kit)

The Fresh & Affordable Option

The Zapp (Permanent Jewelry Kit)
The Zapp (Permanent Jewelry Kit)


  • Brand new Zapp Welder – a more affordable touchscreen model
  • Stacked full kit with over 60 feet of chains, pliers, safety gear
  • Premium extras like grinders, fiber glass pens & tungsten
  • Includes the full LINKED training program curriculum


  • Zapp Welder is relatively new and hasn’t established a track record yet
  • Doesn’t come with as many bells & whistles as pricer kits

Want to ride the cutting edge of permanent jewelry, but can’t quite swing the premium price tags on popular kits like the Helix or Orion mPulse? LINKED’s latest creation, the Zapp Permanent Jewelry Kit, is shaping up to be the affordable all-in-one package to beat in 2024.

The kit’s centerpiece is their fresh-off-the-line Zapp Welder, a sleek touchscreen model designed as an extra cost-effective alternative to the brand’s high-end offerings. While still plenty capable for producing brilliant welds as you learn the ropes, the Zapp trims some of the professional frills to provide a more newbie-friendly and wallet-friendly introduction to the craft.

But just because the Zapp kit skimps on the price tag doesn’t mean it holds back on essentials. Quite the contrary – this bundle comes jam-packed with everything an aspiring permanent jeweler needs to start styling clientele ASAP. We’re talking over 60 feet of assorted chain varieties, full sets of pliers and cutters, precision welding aids like magnifiers and fiberglass pens, even pro-grade extras like mini grinders and argon tubing.

While the Zapp Welder at the heart of this kit is still relatively new to the scene, initial reviews have been quite positive. Owners praise its seamless touchscreen functionality, consistent welding performance, and overall ease-of-use – especially for the price point. As an affordable starter machine, it seems to check all the right boxes.

If you’ve been holding off on taking the permanent jewelry plunge due to budget constraints, the Zapp bundle could be your perfect “have your cake and eat it too” solution. For a reasonable investment, you’re getting a well-rounded starter kit with virtually every tool and supply line accounted for, alongside priceless virtual training to ensure you start off on the right foot.

Generic Amazon (Permanent Jewelry Kits)

The “You Get What You Pay For” Option


  • Absolute cheapest way to acquire basic welding supplies
  • Kits include tools like pliers, cutters, sponges
  • Ability to buy components like chains separately


  • Generally include very low-quality, limited-use welders
  • No training or instructions provided
  • You’ll likely need to re-purchase most components later

When it comes to acquiring permanent jewelry starter gear on a shoestring budget, many newcomers instinctively head to Amazon in hopes of scoring basic kits and supplies for bargain-basement prices. You can definitely find those crazy cheap $30 bundles on the site, tempting you with the promise of scoring all your welding essentials in one fell swoop.

But as is often the case with too-good-to-be-true deals on Amazon, those dirt-cheap permanent jewelry starter kits leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality and long-term usability. While you may indeed receive a whole box full of tchotchkes like pliers, tweezers, a sponge, and yes, even a literal welding device, the types of products you’re getting will likely be the absolute cheapest, flimsiest items the seller could source.

The welders bundled in those kits are a perfect example. In an effort to drive costs as low as possible, they’re generally made of chintzy disposable materials with zero safety considerations or quality control. They’ll allow you to make a few rudimentary stick-on jewelry welds in a pinch, sure. But don’t expect any level of precision, consistency or longevity from those generic welders before they start sputtering out.

The same shoddy quality applies to any included jewelry materials like chains and connectors too. Because they lack durable construction or proper precious metal compositions, pieces welded with these components are destined for chipping, rusting, or breaking entirely in no time. You’re basically getting what you pay for – total disposable junk.

The wiser strategy is to skip those too-cheap permanent jewelry bundles entirely. Instead, focus your budget on a reasonably-priced starter kit from a reputable brand like LINKED or another studio-quality supplier. That way, you’re investing in tools and materials designed for professional, long-lasting results right out of the gate.

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish with the cheap Amazon offerings. Start on the right foot with proper gear and you’ll save countless costs, headaches and potential safety risks down the road. Your future clients (and your budding business) deserve better than that junky stuff anyway!

The Right Starter Kit: Your Ticket to Permanent Jewelry Success

There’s a genuine art to expertly installing permanent jewelry on clients and creating custom looks they’ll adore showing off. But the very first step on your journey to becoming a skilled practitioner lies in selecting the proper starter supplies to begin learning and building your skills.

As you’ve seen, investing in a high-quality permanent jewelry starter kit from a reputable company provides you with all the professional-grade essentials while also packaging in supplemental training resources. Having that solid foundation of knowledge to build upon is absolutely priceless as you’re first dipping your toes into this artistic trade.

Don’t make the newbie mistake of pinching pennies on a too-cheap permanent jewelry kit that ends up hindering your progress. Bite the bullet and spring for a well-stocked bundle designed to actually support your long-term growth as a jeweler. It’ll pay dividends down the road versus wasting time and money replacing poor supplies later.

With one of those premium permanent jewelry kits in your arsenal, you’ll be worming those stylish chains and charms onto thrilled clients’ skin like a total pro in no time. The sleek permanent accessories look is only continuing to blow up, meaning major money-making potential for the enterprising jewelry artist willing to make the modest startup investment.

So what are you waiting for? Stake your claim in the wildly lucrative permanent jewelry arena by scoring your own starter haul already! With the right supplies and training at your fingertips, you’ll be ushering in your own personalized piece of this must-have fashion phenomenon before you know it.

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