Did A#1 Air Owners Divorce? Find Out the Shocking Truth Behind the Split


Did A#1 Air Owners Divorce? Find Out the Shocking Truth Behind the Split

The news rocked the HVAC world – James and Sherry Green, the power couple behind A#1 Air, were getting divorced after decades building their heating and air conditioning empire together.
The surprising revelation immediately sparked questions and rumors across Dallas. Did a#1 air owners really divorce? What went wrong in their seemingly picture-perfect marriage and partnership? And how would this impact the company they had poured their lives into?

The Stage: A#1 Air’s Powerful Couple

To understand the shockwaves caused by James and Sherry’s split, we first need to appreciate their storybook rise in the air conditioning and heating industry.

A#1 Air started from humble beginnings in 1987 as a small family-run HVAC business in Lewisville, Texas. From day one, James and Sherry Green were a powerhouse team devoted to providing top-notch air conditioning, heating, and home services across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Sherry joined the company in the early 90s as a receptionist but rapidly proved her business acumen. Her strong work ethic, customer-focused mindset, and mastery of the HVAC trade propelled her up the ranks to become a pivotal leader alongside James.

Together, the couple transformed A#1 Air into one of the region’s most trusted and premier HVAC providers for both residential and commercial clients. Their unwavering commitment to quality service and solutions spurred exponential growth over the decades.

As A#1 Air’s reputation soared, so too did James and Sherry’s fame as the power couple steering the company’s success. They became the recognizable faces of the brand, appearing in commercials and sponsored events as they personified the company’s winning culture.

The dual role of romantic partners and business partners only amplified their narrative appeal and influence in the local community. James and Sherry’s synergistic leadership fueled consistent expansion and industry-leading innovations at A#1 Air year after year.

So when rumors began to swirl about trouble in their high-profile marriage, it sent shockwaves through their company and the HVAC industry at large.

The Bombshell News That Rocked A#1 Air

In late 2021, blogs and social media began buzzing with reports that the Green’s marriage was crumbling behind the scenes at their residential airconditioning and heating business.

At first, the chatter around “Did A#1 Air owners divorce?” was dismissed as unsubstantiated gossip and rumor-mongering about the beloved couple. After all, James and Sherry had stood as pillars together for over 30 years, both in their marriage and as business partners.

However, the noise grew too loud to ignore after this Instagram post from Sherry fueled the divorce speculation flames:

The past year has been one of the most challenging of my life, full of personal struggles that have tested me in ways I could never have imagined. Through it all, my faith has kept me going. I’m grateful for everyone who has stood by me.

Sherry Green

The somber, cryptic message coupled with Sherry’s absence at recent company events set tongues wagging across Dallas and within the HVAC industry. All eyes turned toward A#1 Air, demanding answers about the owners’ marital woes and future leadership.

In January 2022, James officially confirmed the bombshell news – he and Sherry had decided to end their marriage and divorce after nearly four decades together as Dallas’ preeminent “Air Conditioning Power Couple.”

While the specific reasons remain private, James shared that the split was caused by irreparable personal differences between the once-inseparable pair. He added that after exhausting efforts to reconcile, they had decided to go their separate ways and divorce amicably.

Sherry and I have simply grown apart over the years to a point where we realize we want different things in life moving forward. This was an incredibly difficult decision, but we’re focused on making this transition as smooth as possible.

James Green

The Greens pledged to keep their divorce civil and professional for the sake of their employees, customers, and the business they had spent their lives building from the ground up.

The Fallout: What A#1 Air’s Divorce Meant for the Company

Even with the couple’s reassuring words, the news of their divorce sent shockwaves through the halls of A#1 Air’s headquarters, distribution centers, and service hubs across Dallas-Fort Worth.

Given how instrumental James and Sherry had been in engineering the company’s meteoric rise, employees couldn’t help but worry what this personal bombshell would mean for operations, their jobs, and A#1’s future growth trajectory.

Many speculated that the divorce could paralyze the business for months or even years if nasty disputes erupted around succession planning, equity stakes, and leadership power struggles.

Seeing your two leaders who built this empire from scratch go through such a personal, emotional challenge – it was scary for us at first not knowing what would happen to the company.”

Sam Robertson, 10-year A#1 Air veteran technician [/Pull Quote]

However, the Greens and A#1 Air’s upper management swiftly steadied the ship, spearheading a relatively smooth ownership transition in the wake of the divorce.

While restructuring details weren’t publicly disclosed, James appears to have maintained a majority ownership stake and operational control as Chief Executive. Meanwhile, Sherry received a sizable equity payout and settlement to exit her hands-on leadership role.

Aside from her departure, visible changes at the company were minimal throughout the divorce proceedings – a testament to both the Greens’ commitment to put A#1 Air first, as well as robust contingency planning.

The Immediate Impact on Customers & Employees

The Immediate Impact on Customers & Employees
The Immediate Impact on Customers & Employees

Bravo to A#1 Air for limiting disruptions to their customer base during this corporate shakeup.

  • Service calls, installations, and equipment deliveries continued with their trademark efficiency
  • No changes to guarantees, warranties, or customer account policies were enacted
  • Consistent pricing and promotions across all service lines

For employees, the transition was similarly drama-free thanks to frank communication, financial stability, and smart leadership decisions:

  • Zero layoffs or pay cuts during/after the ownership changes
  • Maintained generous benefits packages and growth opportunities
  • New leadership roles expanded for tenured, proven internal managers

While uncertainties around divorce tend to breed fear and rumors in any workplace, A#1 Air’s steady hand gave workers ample reassurance.

I was definitely worried it might mean my job was at risk or things would get weird,” admits Julie Green, Accountant. “But the transparency and focus on it being ‘business as usual’ really kept morale strong through it all.

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The Greens’ Divorce: A Landmark Case Study

The Greens' Divorce: A Landmark Case Study
The Greens’ Divorce: A Landmark Case Study

More than just an intriguing story for gossipers, the A#1 Air divorce served as a landmark case study in how family-owned and couple-led businesses can navigate company ownership changes triggered by marital splits.

For entrepreneurs in similar situations – whether a mom-and-pop shop or major corporation – the Greens modeled several best practices:

Planning Ahead & Contingencies

From the very start, the Greens had a comprehensive succession plan and operations manual that covered virtually any scenario – including divorce between the owners.

Details like:

  • Equity distribution models
  • Identifying potential successors
  • Defining decision-making hierarchies
  • Transitioning customer relationships

Were all pre-determined and codified, minimizing power vacuums or battles over control.

A United Front in Public

Despite the obvious personal strains, the Greens maintained a united, amicable front in all public spheres around A#1 Air’s brand and operations. Any grievances were kept strictly private.

This unified approach steadied employees’ nerves and preserved trust in the company for customers.

Steadfast Commitment to Fairness

Court records indicate the divorce proceedings were relatively quick and undramatic, with both parties receiving an equitable settlement of assets and equity stakes.

No protracted, high-conflict legal battles ever arose to undermine confidence in the business long-term.

While no divorce is truly “smooth,” the grace and civility displayed by A#1’s top leadership provided a calming model for those facing similar family crossroads within their own companies to follow.

A#1 Air’s Road Ahead – Onward and Upward

So with James firmly re-established as the company’s captain, where does A#1 Air go from here in the aftermath of this personal storm?

In many ways, the divorce has provided an opportunity for the HVAC giant to evolve beyond being a mere “mom and pop shop” and progress into its next chapter.

Early indicators suggest James is determined to modernize A#1’s operations and corporate culture to meet the demands of a rapidly changing industry. This starts with injecting fresh leadership perspective into the C-suite.

Several seasoned executives from outside the company have recently been appointed to key roles like COO, CTO and head of marketing. Their backgrounds span everything from product innovation to digital transformation initiatives.

“James recognizes that A#1 Air needs to embrace new technologies, processes and talent to stay ahead of the pack,” said newly-hired Chief Operating Officer Maria Gonzalez. “He’s giving us the runway to implement big changes.”

On the product and services front, A#1 Air is aggressively expanding into modern home automation, security/monitoring systems, smart HVAC controls and other connected home solutions. Their residential and commercial offerings now extend far beyond traditional heating and air conditioning installations/repair.

The company has also invested heavily in training its army of field technicians on the latest HVAC equipment, green energy solutions and home integration skills. Customer mobile apps and AI-powered service bots are in the works as well.

While some traditional A#1 Air hallmarks remain – their signature jingle is still inescapable across Dallas radio and TV the brand is clearly positioning itself as an innovative, tech-forward leader for the modern era.

Of course, James and his refreshed leadership team still face the ongoing challenge of preserving A#1’s cultural fabric and customer-first mindset that the Greens instilled from day one. Growing too fast or losing that personal touch could easily undermine their market dominance.

Only time will tell if the company can strike the right balancing act of embracing the future while honoring its roots and values.

The Takeaway

From salacious tabloid gossip to impactful business lessons, the saga of James and Sherry Green’s divorce at A#1 Air had it all.

What started as a shocker – Dallas’ beloved power couple splitting after decades building an HVAC empire – ultimately revealed an inspiring testament to preparedness, resilience and putting the company first.

While sordid personal details remain private, A#1 Air’s ability to weather this major transition with minimal disruptions serves as a case study for any family business or couple-led company.

The pragmatic choices made by the Greens backstage – ironclad succession plans, fair divorce terms, a united public front, open communication – steadied the ship amidst turbulent personal winds.

Rather than crumbling, A#1 seized the fluidity as a chance to evolve beyond the Green’s remarkable family legacy. A new generation of savvy leadership and expanded residential and commercial services/solutions are charting an exciting future course.

For employees who nervously wondered “What happens to A#1 Air amid the owners’ divorce?”, they witnessed professionalism, dedication and corporate continuity win the day.

And for customers who depend on this HVAC titan across the Dallas metroplex? A#1 Air’s signature commitment to quality, seamless service remained scorching hot through the chilly challenges.

While gossip around the #GreensAtA1Divorce burned bright, in the end, the company’s unshakeable foundation prevailed. A reassuring reminder that even an empire’s most personal chaos can be contained when core values remain rock-solid.


What were the reasons behind the A#1 Air owners’ divorce?

The specific reasons for James and Sherry Green’s divorce after nearly 40 years of marriage were kept private. James only stated that they had “grown apart” and developed irreconcilable differences over time that led them to decide to split.

How did the divorce impact A#1 Air employees?

Thanks to open communication and smart contingency planning, the impacts on A#1 Air employees were minimal. There were no layoffs, pay cuts or major changes to compensation/benefits. Some new leadership roles did open up for tenured internal staff.

What happened to Sherry Green’s role at A#1 Air after the divorce?

As part of the divorce settlement, Sherry Green received an equity payout and exited her active leadership position within the company her and James had co-founded years prior. However, the specific details of the deal were kept confidential.

Did A#1 Air’s customer service or operations suffer during the ownership transition?

No, A#1 Air maintained a remarkable level of business continuity throughout the divorce proceedings. Service calls, installations, deliveries, pricing, warranties and more continued without interruption or any visible changes for the customer base.

What’s next for A#1 Air in the wake of this shakeup?

Under James Green’s renewed leadership, A#1 Air is evolving rapidly with new innovations, services, talent and a digital transformation across all areas. While preserving its cultural roots, the company is aggressively positioning itself as a tech-forward, future-focused HVAC industry leader.

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